Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Favorite TV Programs while I am in UK

These are TV programs I love, so far, during my stay in Norwich, UK

1. Black Mirror
If you love Twin Peak, Twilight Zone, or X-Files, you will love each episode of it :)

2. The Returned a.k.a. Les Revenants
French approach of   uncanny "Zombie". Breathtaking!

3. Doctor Who

not familiar in Indonesia. But now I understand why many British people are so in love with this BBC's cult TV series. Time travel, sci-fi/adventure, very strong stories, and... Impossible Girl :)

4. Under the Dome
Stephen King meets Steven Spielberg!

5. How I Met Your Mother (revisited)

And finally we met The Mother :)

6. The Big Bang Theory

Geeks, lecturers' life...sound familiar :)

7. Russel Howards's Good News
It's beyond Stand Up Comic :)