Saturday, 25 October 2014

Clocks Move Back 1 Hour

On Sunday 26 October at 2.00am the clocks will go back 1 hour and the UK will be on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 
Artinya, beda waktu UK dengan Jakarta akan menjadi 7 Jam.

“Indonesian Women Filmmakers”: Book Discussion and Film Screening

Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia- Norwich, Development Society, and Indonesian Society

A Book discussion
“Indonesian Women Filmmakers”, edited by Yvonne Michalik. (Regiospectra Publisher, 2013)
30 October 2014
Place: Art Building 01.02, University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

17.30-18.30 book discussion with Dr. Eylem Atakav (lecturer at FTM, AMA, UEA)
Ekky Imanjaya (PhD Candidate at FTM, AMA, UEA; one of the co-writers)

18.30-20.00 film screening “ Demi Ucok” (For Ucok’s Sake, directed by Sammaria Simanjuntak, 2013).

Free of charge. Open for public. First come first served.

New Order regime (1966-1998) applied State Ibuism as their official gender ideology. This very political frame has affected film industry, from the filmmakers as women professions to presentation of women on screen. The government applied the ideology of “azas kekeluargaan” (Family Principle) and Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK, Family Welfare Movement) in 1978 and narrowed the roles of Women in five obligations of women (Panca Dharma Wanita). Krishna Sen highlights that “…many production practices place women in only subsidiary roles so that women’s images and actions make up a small and/or unimportant part of the total narrative” (Sen 1994: 135).
The chapters within the book reveals the significant contribution women filmmakers (particularly directors and producers) and deal with many issues, from gender studies to Women's aesthetic issues, related to the political and cultural context in New Order era and Reform era. The talk will discuss the role of women filmmakers in Indonesia during and post-New Order era and beyond.

The Table of Content:

here's the book at amazon:

here's a chapter that also appear in the book:

here's the article on the book after the book launch:

Synopsis of the film
Gloria Sinaga or Glo (Geraldine Sianturi) doesn’t want to be like her mother: getting married, burying dreams and forever living a routine. Her mother, Mak Gondut, is sick and diagnosed to live only for a year. For the rest of her time, Mak Gondut is determined to find “Ucok”, an ideal Batak man for Glo who dreams to be a famous director. Glo has made her first film and is resolute to make her second more successful. But her dream isn’t easy to realise. She has to accept that it’s difficult to find investors and producers. Plus, she deals with her mother who wants her to get married with a Batak man. Being a Batak woman, Mak Gondut believes that a woman’s success is defined by her successful household. Glo rejects that idea. However, Mak Gondut offers a solution for Glo’s film problem. A conflict develops involving many people including Glo’s friends Nikki (Sairah Jihan) and Acun (Sunny Soon).

movie trailer:

About the Speakers:
Dr Eylem Atakav is Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of East Anglia (UEA) where she teaches courses on women and film; women, Islam and media; and Middle Eastern media. She is the author of Women and Turkish Cinema: Gender Politics, Cultural Identity and Representation (2012) and editor of Directory of World Cinema: Turkey (Intellect, 2013). Her academic interests are on Middle Eastern film and television; representation of 'honour' crimes in the media, and women's cinema. She writes frequently on issues around gender and culture for the Huffington Post (UK) and for her co-authored blog on women’s cinema: Auteuse Theories.

Ekky Imanjaya is a PhD Candidate in Film and Television Studies at UEA. He is also faculty member of Film School at Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta. He is also a film critic and published some articles and books on Indonesian films. He co-wrote a chapter in this book with Diani Citra (PhD Candidate from Columbia University, USA).

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Perkumpulan Indonesia di Norwich, UK

Mungkin sebagian orang kesulitan mencari tahu apakah ada orang atau perkumpulan orang Indonesia di kota Norwich (UK). Karena memang agak sedikit susah untuk melacaknya di dunia maya.
Yang paling gampang adalah  Indonesian Ambassador ,bagi yang ingin tahu atau berminat masuk ke University of East Anglia (UEA) . Indonesian Ambassador bisa diemail di sini atau via Facebook page-nya.

PPI Norwich (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia cabang Norwich) juga ada sebenarnya. Tapi belum punya website sendiri (pernah ada di multiply tapi website itu sudah tidak eksis lagi. Tapi mereka punya facebook page-nya.
Pasar Tradisional, City Center, Norwich

Yang terbaru adalah Indonesian Society. Ini adalah salah satu student clubs and societeis dalam lingkungan UEA. Kalau PPI-N bersifat hanya untuk pelajar Indonesia (nationhood, brotherhood), maka Indosoc adalah semacam kelompok "special interest" untuk siapa saja (Indonesia dan non-Indonesia), yaitu mengenal lebih jauh tentang Indonesia beserta kekayaan alam, seni, dan budayanya.

BTW, Di Norwich, tahun 2014 hanya ada sekitar 25 mahasiswa (sebagian besar S1) dan sedikit keluarga yang nikah beda negara. Tapi justru yang kecil ini makin mempererat persaudaraan dan persahabatan.

Semoga membantu bagi teman-teman yang ingin berkunjung ke Norwich, baik sebagai turis, mahasiswa, atau urusan lainnya.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cheap (but Nice) Shopping Places in Norwich, UK

As a student, probably we need to save our money for various purposes:  to travel around UK and European (Schengen) countries during Summer or Winter Break, to buy things, or simply because we must be finances so as not wasteful.

Here’s some places you can buy things cheap,  new goods or the second hand ones:

located in Castle Mall and Anglia Square, the stores offer all things with 99 pence only.

Poundland :
everything is 1 pound here.  We can find them at City Center (2 in St. Stephen’s Street) and Anglia Square

Here, for some items,  the price is quite cheap, even if we compare it to 99p and Poundland. For example, we can buy a box of eggs, bread,  and 4 pints of fresh milk for only 1 pound for each item.

Charity Shops:
Here, we can find nice  second hand stuff. But, the availability depends on when people give their goods for free to the stores. The stores are in some areas of the city, including at Anglia Square, Castle Meadow (City Center), near Norwich Bus Station, Queen’s Road, etc. Here is the list ofthe stores: 
Arminghall Car Boot Sale, Near owr Flat

Car Booth Sale:  
it is the paradise of used goods! I found a nice  for only 6 pounds. You can find almost anything here, as long as you are not lazy to dig them up and hunt them down.  One of them is Arminghall CarBooth Sale:   the sellers sell their things from their own cars in a football field.

You can join a mailing list of Freecycle, when people gave away their goods for free. We can ask for free stuffs here as well. Subscribe here:

For baby stuff, you can join their FB group
 Happy hunting!