Friday, 2 September 2016

What Happened in Amsterdam (apparently did not) Stay in Amsterdam

About 9 years ago, early August 2007, I flew to Amsterdam to start my Master study at Universiteit van Amsterdam, until the end of August 2008.
I met great  people there, including Indonesia's Koestraat gang and Meer en Vaart house-mates.
Of course perfection was not our main aim. We just wanted to have fun and keep sane (while having salient problems of chapters and other issues. So, please mind our imperfection.

These are some videos showing what happened in Amsterdam in my Holland years:
1. Crea session:  Clock- Coldplay

2. Crea Session 2:  Wonderful tonight

3. Osdorp session: Nothing Else Matter

4.  Crea session: November Rain

5.  Osdorp sesion: Redemption Song

6. Osdorp session: Donna Donna
7.  Ordorp session: Suci dalam Debu:

8.  Meer en Vaart: Oh Darling

9. Crea: Trouble - Coldplay

10. Osdorp: One

And, in addition, i also pursued my other dream, to make a documentary on  
Andy Tielman, the frontman of The Tielman Brothers.
Deleted Scene:
Pasar Malam Besar 2008, Den Haag

1. The Tielmans Part 1

2. The Tielmans Part 2

After returning to Jakarta, i got at least 2 unfinished songs in my mind.
1. Amsterdam Blues

2. Bidadari Cinta:

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