Friday, 11 August 2017

Tips How to Enjoy Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

What a night! 
We just went and enjoyed 38th Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. And It was brilliant.
But, to be more enjoyable, I think I need to share our experiences during the legendary Night Glow.

tips to go to Bristol International Balloon Fiesta: 
(1) everything is expensive, bring your own food and drink 
2) just in case you need it, bring some cash, the cash machines will cost you £2.75. There are many games and even circus show in the venue
3) even if it is sunny and the sun is very bright when you are about to get there, bring your jacket, the thicker one. And if necessary, blankets. The best part of this event starts at 9pm (for night glow event)
4)the shuttle bus is more
expensive than the regular bus tickets. Even if you have your daily/weekly/monthly bus tickets and a student, you need to upgrade it by paying £2. There are some regular buses who can take you there, just stop near Ashton Gate Stadium
5) on the second thought, at least buy a single ticket of shuttle bus to get you home. The queue is crazy and super hectic, and the public buses dont regular pass the area.Or, take taxi?
(6) if you watch night glow: if finally the fireworks appear, leave the area immediately or you will return home with hundreds of people and will face chaotic queue in the parking lot and bus stop.
(7) bring your mat and cushion, too.