Monday, 19 August 2013

Arab Autumn

So, here comes Arab autumn, where everything is going backward.  Unfortunately Arab spring did not have chance to say good bye to summer.

Arab Saudi and other Gulf countries support Egypt government, and . Mubarak is going to be released, and Mursi is found guilty by the court. And hundreds or even thousands people were killed, and hunted in Cairo, even though they are running to the mosque. And they did this massacre openly, shown in global television.

I guess. Egypt prison does not change much since they tortured and made Sayyid Quthb and his colleagues sentenced to death penalty. Or perhaps, just perhaps, we should go back way further for a reflection,  when Pharaohs were the Kings.

PS:  I am not a member of Islamic Brotherhood. But, as human being (which hold Islamic values as way of life), I can not stand hundreds people are being  tortured, hunted like animals, and killed. I do believe that violence and injustice should be stopped, whoever the victims are, whomever the criminals are.