Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Big Bang Theory - Merry Newtonmas Everyone!

Sheldon declaims, "December 25th 1642 Julian calendar: Sir Isaac Newton is born. Jesus on the other hand was actually born in the summer." Leonard responds with characteristic sarcasm "Merry Newtonmas everyone!" 

According to the man who posted the video, Jesus was probably born in in the spring of 4 AD. Newton was indeed born on December 25th 1642 Julian calendar, which is January 4th 1643 Gregorian calendar.

here's the clip
the full script

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  1. Well in this case -- as far as can recall -- there have always been two things in contrast or even opposition to each other: the nativity story where the child was cradled by his mother in a barn surrounded with joseph, the three wise kings (samaritans) and flocks of sheep and their herders in one hand, and the fact that since 3 hundred years after the child's demise in the supposedly cross the church began celebrating his birthday on December 25 on Gregorian calendar.
    Someone I know who is an ardent following of the church disrigards this fact and move on saying "All that matters is that I believe Jesus is God through which grace and the truth flow ... and that's that!"
    Hehehe ... well too much of something is never good! ;)