Monday, 16 December 2013

The Tielmans (Ekky Imanjaya, 2010, 21 min)

This short 'indorockumentary' tells the story of Andy Tielman, the co-founder and frontman of The Tielman Brothers (the band that started the European musical revolution known as Indorock in 1957, and pioneered Dutch "Nederpop.").
Part 1:

Part 2:

In 1945, Andy Tielman with his brothers, sister, and parents founded a family band in Surabaya, Indonesia. In 1957, they became The Tielman Brothers, and that's how Nederpop (popular music in Holland) and a genre called Indo-rock began. In 1981. The Tielman Brothers started to stop playing music. But, Andy Tielman, the frontman, still performs, this time with his new family: Carmen the wife/manager and Loraine Jane the daughter. This is about The Tielmans, this is about Andy as family man.

Director/Writer: Ekky Imanjaya
Producer Dyah Indrapati/ @ekkyij
Editor Darwin Nugraha
Duration: 21 Minutes
Language: Indonesian, Dutch, with English Subtitles

Andy Tielman official website:

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